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With strong Spidey senses, my reflexes have saved more than a few trips (literally). Also, I have nerves of steel. I excel under pressure and am well-equipped to handle any unexpected situation that may arise on your wedding day. Hopefully, your day will flow seamlessly, but if it doesn’t, we will make it work!

My mission is to craft beautiful, vibrant images that narrate your story with drama, whimsy, and all the feels. A specialist with intimate weddings, multi-cultural weddings and using NYC landmarks, I celebrate multicultural unions, milestone events, and surprise proposals. And did I share, it makes me so happy to celebrate with you?

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As an avid traveler, I've explored diverse cultures, embracing people's stories. If you’re a fellow traveler, I would love to swap stories.


I don’t have any but wish I could have a cat. My family is allergic to them. So I spend lots of time on social media watching videos of cats and dogs. If your pet is part of your festivities, I will be thrilled.


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Beyond photography, I'm all about you. Fill out the contact form or DM me on IG. Let's eat cake! Let’s create something extraodinary together!

My younger sister, Dee, got married in December of last year, and here we are.  It was her wedding, and it was planned in three weeks.  She knew it would happen but waiting for a fiance visa after COVID was an eternity.  So it was a very simple wedding.  

The funny story was my sister telling Ernesto, her now husband,  how they needed to spend some of their budget on wedding pictures. 
"But why?  I only need 5 pictures of us getting ready.  Just a couple of us at the ceremony.  Your sister can do all that." said the groom-to-be.  

Yes, he was serious.  But the sister and I knew better.  No, I was not about to be my sister's photographer, even if it was just 5 pictures.  I was also the maid of honor, responsible for managing manage my mom's whereabouts, and the-go-to-person for all questions.  So he agreed to hire a photographer.  One of my associates filled-in. Guess how many pictures he wanted?  It was beyond 5. He practically wanted all the pictures. The point is, it's such an important day.  You will never look better and this moment deserves to be captured in the best possible way.  Hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must-have investment that you, your parents, your kids, and your future grandkids will cherish forever.  Even if your relative knows how to do photography, let them enjoy your wedding without that responsibility.

Professional photographs not only preserves the beauty and joy of your special day but also capture the moments with loved ones. These images will become treasured memories.   You won't regret investing in quality photography or videography for that matter because it ensures that every significant moment is documented, allowing you to relive and share your wedding day for years to come.


My sister and brother-in-law's wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, and capturing every moment was essential.  With our mother battling Alzheimer's, having these photos and video means everything to our family.  These images allow us to relive the day and preserve memories, especially those involving loved ones who may not always be with us.  


It also brings me so much joy to be part of your great celebrations. It’s cathartic and a much needed escapism.

For me, it's a thrilling dance of creativity and connection. Visually inclined, I weave together analytical prowess and problem-solving skills to be your most complete photographer in life's significant moments. Growing up with childhood friends from across the globe-Cuban-American, Pakistani, Korean, and Chinese-fueled my passion for storytelling and celebrating diversity.


HI, I'm PATRICIA, an ECUADORIAN BORN, BROOKLYN RAISED latina. My journey from immigrant roots to embracing New York's diverse tapestry has shaped my love for capturing vibrant stories. 

patricia Parrales

One of my very first wedding client was so appreciative of how we navigated through some hiccups in her plans. At the end of her photo sesion, she shared this quote with me. I was struck at how much impact we can have on your day.  Since then, aside from getting great images I strive to have you to enjoy our time together.

"...people will never forget how you made them feel.”
-        maya angelou

patricia parrales

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The camel ride in egypt's sahara desert was  unforgettable.  riding through the ancient sands I just kept thinking "I'm in the land of MOSES!"

Cool things I have done.

Igazu falls was breathtaking as
was the motor boat ride along its alligator- infested waters.

Iceland was a trip of a lifetime, glacier climbing for someone with a sedentary lifestyle,  unforgettable. And I didn't die!

AFTER experiencing the architecture design of the sagrada familia IN barcelona. I became a gaudi lover.




jaws & Jurassic Park are my favorite movies.  Spielberg rules!

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I excel at offering gentle guidance and creating opportunities for natural, candid moments to unfold.  Described as welcoming and enjoyable, I prefer to direct you rather than pose you, believing that genuine emotions arise from authentic actions. Throughout, I ensure your photos are heartfelt and beautifully composed, capturing the true essence of your special day.   

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